T-90 Hop Pellets

T-90 HOP PELLETS ARE THE FINAL PRODUCT of whole leaf hops that have been processed through a series of size reduction and densification steps. First, the whole bale is carefully decompressed using a “bale-breaker.” The loose leaf hops is sent to a hammer mill, which grinds the whole leaf hops into a powder that retains all of its natural vegetative and lupulin ingredients. The powder is mixed equally in a large mixer and pressed through a pellet die (6mm diameter).After being pelletized, the product passes through a pellet shaker, which separates the usable pellets from hop dust and broken pellets, which are recycled in the system. The pellets are subsequently sent through a cooling tank that rapidly refrigerates the pellets to maintain optimum product integrity.



Why Choose T-90 Pellets?  Pellets have three distinct advantages over whole leaf hops: the compact storage size, a significantly increased shelf life due to nitrogen-flushed packaging and a smaller surface area, reducing oxidation. More importantly, there is an average 15 percent increase in alpha acid utilization compared to whole leaf in the boil. For these reasons, T-90 hop pellets are increasingly popular within the craft brewing industry. Our extremely low operating temperatures and processing methods create the highest quality hop pellets that retain their whole hop complexity, boldness and character.

Packaged in one the highest quality food grade vacuum sealing solutions on the market, Crosby hops are safely parceled in heavy-duty Mylar utilizing our MTEK CORR-VAC. The packs are carefully filled and weighed according to industry standard specifications, available either as a soft or hard pack (depending on the customer’s preference). A double-nitrogen flush offers optimum shelf life.



 Immediately following packaging, all hops are transferred to cold storage units where all products are stored at 26 degrees Fahrenheit.



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