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Craft Brewers Conference

We are excited to bring together the global craft community for CBC 2019 in Denver, Colorado! We've collaborated with 36 breweries from 15 countries on 18 brand new beers, debuting at the Crosby Hop Farm lounge. Each new beer is the result of an international pairing featuring one U.S. brewer and one brewer from around the world.

These beers encapsulate the creative ideas, ingredients, and brewing styles from some of the best breweries on the planet. Join us in our 2019 seminar-level beer lounge (1B) to sample world-class collaboration beers, experience hop harvest in 360 degrees, preview our new Online Brewer Portal, and touch and smell the finest hops on the planet

Quality at the Source™. Brewed Around the World.

Daily beer menu below. See you in Denver!

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