The Team

Executive Committee

Blake Crosby


Is a drummer for a surf-rock band called The ChoppersWas raised on see more

Peter Busque

Director of Sales

Grew up on his family’s 4th generation sheep farm in Windham, see more

Sales + Marketing

Peter Busque

Director of Sales

Grew up on his family’s 4th generation sheep farm in Windham, see more

Brian Crosby

Sales Development & Sourcing

Needs Russian River Blind Pig and hot dogs on a desert islandLived see more

Beau Evers

Account Manager - Southeast

Is a gentleman, scholar, and athlete. Can “gleek” on commandLives see more

Brad Veltman

Account Manager- Rocky Mountain

Once shot himself in the eye with a BB gun in 2nd gradeNeeds Cactus see more

Elizabeth Anderson

Account Manager - Northwest

Used to be an art teacherGood at finding stray dogsVolunteered for see more

Kate Belanger

Account Manager - California & Hawaii

Has at least 12 hot sauces in her fridge at any given timeGood at see more

Nolan Russell

Account Manager - Northeast

Taught English in Germany and IrelandFavorite non-alcoholic see more

Gabi McCarter

Inside Sales Account Manager - Southeast

First generation AmericanBrazil is her second homeNeeds Sierra Pale see more

Zak Schroerlucke

Marketing Manager

Once jumped out of a plane wearing a flying fish suit (He has see more

Nancy Sisto

Customer Success Coordinator

Absolutely looooves CheeseDream dog is a German Shephard ❤Love to see more

Teresa Ibanez

Customer Success Coordinator

Is 1 of 50 cousinsLived in a sorority for 3 years (Delta Delta see more

Jenna Steward

Brand Experience Specialist

Once lived in a breweryTaught her yellow lab named Garth how to see more

Accounting + Finance + Admin

Ryan Ramsay

Financial Controller

Owns a vegetable farmGood at collecting hobbiesBad at sticking with see more

Amber Iverson

Accounts Payable Specialist

Needs pizza or burritos on a desert islandEnjoys cooking, fishing, see more

Jennifer Foltz

Accounts Receivable, Credit & Collections Specialist

Is a twinHer niece and nephew make her happyNeeds tacos on a desert see more

Isabel Lopez

HR Coordinator + Administrative Support

Loves spending time with her daughtersHas hiked Yosemite El Captain see more

Production + Warehouse

Tim Tomlinson

Director of Operations

Need peanut butter and chocolate on a desert islandFavorite see more

Ryan Monk

Inventory + Allocations Manager

Is an all the animals person – dog, cat, chickens and BEESOnce shot see more

Rick Wolf

Warehouse/Facilities Supervisor

Loves Mountain DewBad at playing board gamesGood friends makes him see more

George Gulstrom

Shipping & Receiving Lead

Taught himself to play multiple instruments including, guitar, see more

Brian Donahue

Logistics Specialist

Needs a bacon bleu cheese burger and a cold beer on a desert see more

Bryson Peters

Production Scheduler

Favorite non-alcoholic beverage is Lime LaCroixEnjoys homebrewing, see more

Fermin Santos

Facilities Specialist/Mill Lead

Has a gift for engineeringGrew up in the Willamette ValleyIs a DJ see more

Filemon Arroyo

Shipping & Receiving

Worked at Forest River to help make RVsLikes fishing, hunting, and see more

Joaquin Bacilio

Shipping & Receiving/Mill

Juan Ibanez

Warehouse Lead

Played semi-pro indoor soccer in SeattleNeeds tequila with a whole see more

Quality + Sustainability

Sofia Martinez

Quality Lab Lead

Is a mother of fourHer husband and sister also work at CHFEnjoys see more

Fabiola Galindo

Sustainabiliy/Lab Tech

Needs coffee and beer on a desert islandEnjoys reading and see more

Jazmin Mata

Zero Waste Lead

Lived in Fillmore, CANeeds beans and orange juice on a desert see more

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