What are hop rhizomes?

Hop rhizomes are cuttings taken from a mature hop plant that are used to propagate new baby hop plants.  Rhizomes can either be potted (most commonly in one gallon pots, then transplanted to field at a later point) or planted directly into your hop garden if it is properly prepared and the threat of frost has subsided.

When are hop rhizomes available?

At Crosby Hop Farm we start taking rhizome orders in January and begin shipping in mid-March and continue through the end of May. . Place an order for hop rhizomes here.

When are hop vines available?

During our harvest season from late August to September. Please call the office at 503.982.5166 to place an order or email hops@crosbyhops.com.

How are your hops packaged?

All hops (wholesale and retail) are packaged in Mylar barrier bags and double-nitrogen flushed with our MTEK-CORRVAC vacuum sealer.

Which domestic proprietary hops do you offer?

We currently offer the following domestic proprietary hops: Ahtanam®, Amarillo®, ApolloTM, AzaccaTM, BelmaTM, BravoTM, CalypsoTM, El Dorado®, JarryloTM, LemondropTM, Palisade®, SummitTM and Warrior®.  For a full list of all of our offerings please view our What We Offer page.

What is your credit policy?

In general, we require a successfully completed credit application as well as some transaction history before we issue house terms.

Do you offer farm tours?

Yes. Please email us at hops@crosbyhops.com. to schedule a tour of Crosby Hop Farm.


We require a minimum contract of 220 lbs. total (not per variety). Please contact us for a quote.


Our Crosby Hop Farm T-90 pellets are ready to ship no later than December following each crop year. Imported hops are generally available by February.

What size packaging do you offer?

We offer 200 lb. / 50 lb. / 10 lb. leaf hop bales. Pellet hop packs are available in these quantities: 1 lb. / 11 lb. / 44 lb. All hops (excluding 200 lb. bales) are packaged in heavy-duty, foil barrier bags with a double-nitrogen purge.

How do I grow hop rhizomes?

Click here for hop rhizome PDF

Do you process your own pellets?

Yes! We have a beautiful, cutting edge hop pellet facility at our headquarters in Woodburn, Oregon. We are currently the only hop farm and hop pellet processor in the state of Oregon. Our extremely low operating temperatures and processing methods create the highest quality T-90 hop pellets that retain their whole hop complexity, boldness and character. More information on hop pellets can be found here: http://crosbyhops.com/what-we-do/hop-pellets/

How do I set up a hop contract?

Hop contracts are easy to set up with your regional CHF account manager. The most important part is knowing your desired volumes and crop years. Our friendly and knowledgeable staff will gladly help guide the rest of the process. Contact us for a quote or send us an email to hops@crosbyhops.com.

Do you offer a comprehensive wholesale list of hop varieties available to craft brewers? 

Yes, our wholesale hop price list is available by either contacting us by phone 503-982-5166 or email: hops@crosbyhops.com. Please note that since it is an agricultural product, price and availability are subject to change throughout the year. Spot order hop availability is listed here: http://crosbyhops.com/craft-brewers/spot-availability/

How are your hops stored?

We have cold storage on the farm where we store all hops at 26-degrees Fahrenheit. Our quality hops can safely be preserved for years in this condition.


Yes! We support the needs of small home brewers to large craft brewers. Please check out the hop varieties available today on the Spot Orders page. If you have a specific question, please contact us.


Though we’re biased, we hope you can appreciate what makes Crosby Hop Farm different. From our sustainable, Salmon-Safe Certified farming practices to our meticulous processing techniques, large catalog of hops and superior T-90 pellets, we aim to provide craft brewers of all sizes with the highest quality hop products available, delivered with a superior customer relationship experience.

For five generations, growing hops has been a passionate livelihood for the Crosby family. We also love the end product: beer. We look forward to serving your hop needs.

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