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7 Reasons Why Brewers Should Be Using Crosby-sourced Idaho 7® in 2021

Photo: Amanda Warda

1. Not all Idaho 7® is created equal! Crosby sources 100% of its Idaho 7 directly from Jackson Hop, the original Idaho-grower who bred the variety.

2. With the demand of many proprietary varieties outpacing supply, Crosby-sourced Idaho 7 is another tool at a reasonable price to stretch usage of other high value hops

3. Idaho 7 is known as a hop that plays well with other varieties. Its new wave tropical aroma and flavor of pineapple, pine, stone fruit and herbal tea acts as a boost in the final beer and creates a multitude of flavor dimensions.

4. Pairs well with varieties like:

  1. Citra®
    El Dorado®

5. Crosby Hops was the first vendor to bring Idaho 7 to market in 2015. This long-standing relationship gives Crosby Hops unique access to many of the finest selected lots from Jackson Hop.

6. Crosby begins processing Idaho 7 bales promptly when they are received between October and early November. This paired with our proprietary T90 processing techniques creates a more expressive Idaho 7 hop pellet, highlighting its robust tropical aroma properties. Processing timing is crucial for this variety as pelleting later in the season can lead to underwhelming aroma characteristics like pronounced earthy and onion/garlic notes.

7. Idaho 7 is gaining fame for contributing high saturated flavor in hot side additions giving this variety a wide range of uses throughout the brewhouse and cellar.

Brewer Feedback

"I really like the versatility of Idaho 7. It is a workhorse hop that can be used at any time in the boil. It produces a nice balance of pine and some slight melon and stone fruits and we went with Idaho 7 because of the availability. We were tired of chasing the southern hemisphere hops, when we can get Idaho 7 and produce some great beer. At a reasonably moderate alpha acid we have also chosen to use it for bittering in our new double hazy. I believe it is the perfect hop for an IPA but may have other applications as well."

-Trevor Lovato, Head Brewer at Ska Brewing Co.

“Idaho 7 has been a vital part of our IPA portfolio. Whether we are brewing a West Coast or Hazy IPA, Crosby’s Idaho 7 lends a pronounced peach ring and white gummy bear flavor and aroma to the consumer’s beer drinking experience.”

-Derek Gallanosa, Head Brewer at Moksa Brewing Co.

"Hands down my favorite IPA we've made in months! Honestly I don't think I've had a beer with that hop in it, even though it's been around a few years. Citrusy and piney, I love it!"

-Danny Oberle, Production Manager at Crooked Stave