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Fermin Santos

Meet Fermin Santos - Crosby's Equipment, Maintenance, and Grounds Specialist. Fermin's job is constantly focusing, implementing, and improving upon safety, quality, and efficiency in the production side of our business. He views quality as a relentless pursuit of excellence and fiercely sweats details, quality, and accuracy in all things around the pellet facility. He is a valuable asset that we couldn't do without!

Fermin started working at Crosby on January 11th, 2011. He began working in the hop fields under Kevin Crosby and grew professionally as the processing and distribution side of our business began to expand. His brother in law initially got him the job at Crosby and he thanks him greatly for that opportunity!

This time of year, he spends most of his work hours overseeing mill operations that produces our craft-inspired hop pellets. He is constantly fine-tuning our bale breaker, bag sealer, and labeler as well as monitoring pellet density and temperature. He does all of this with a "safety first" mindset to ensure every mill employee has a safe and healthy workplace. Fermin's input directly reflects the quality and consistency of our hop products which ultimately affects our customers (and their beers) world-wide.

We asked Fermin a few questions to let the world get to know him a little more:

What is something most people don't know about you?

Fermin: Being a DJ is my passion!

What is your favorite hop variety and why?

Fermin: Mandarina Bavaria - "I like the smell. Very fruity. Orange."

What is your favorite beer style?

Fermin: Mexican lager. I like hops…but I love lager.

What is one beer that represents you best?

Fermin: Modelo Especial

What does working at Crosby mean to you?

Fermin: "It means a lot. Opportunities. Great benefits. Growth and change. Started with two employees…now we're close to 50!"

What are 3 words you would use to describe working at Crosby Hops?


  1. Rewarding.
  2. Challenging - No challenge. No fun.
  3. Quality - "Presentation of the final product" - Neat. Clean. Detailed.

What do you like most about working at Crosby?

  1. Running the mill
  2. Running new equipment - pack line specifically
  3. Very familiar with all the ins/outs of the job
  4. Great employees - Treat them like family. Very personal.
  5. Blake is a great boss. Not like other people I've worked for in the past. I really like working with him
  6. Growth

We'll continue to share employee spotlight features throughout the year giving you a deeper look into the value-added inputs that go into producing world class hops for craft brewers. Cheers!