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Gabi McCarter

Meet Gabi McCarter – Crosby Hops’ Customer Success Supervisor.

Gabi’s day-to-day responsibilities consist of various matters including overseeing order fulfillment, customer service, logistics details, processing hop contracts, and so much more. We like to think of Gabi as the swiss army knife in our customer success department because of her ability to multitask and adapt to whatever comes her way. She is actively working with our shipping vendors to get hops out the door as efficiently and accurately as possible. Gabi believes working for Crosby Hops means there is “never a dull moment and is very exciting, rewarding, and challenging.”

Gabi was born in California but grew up in Florida. She is a first generation American. Her Dad was a refugee from Hungary, and her Mom is Brazilian. In Florida, she worked for a beer distribution company which gave her a plethora of knowledge of the craft beer industry. There, she sold boutique beer and met a lot of great brewers. Those beers were tough to sell at that time because local craft beer was just on the rise in Florida. Gabi said, “It was really fun, interesting and a good base for my current position.” Ultimately, she decided to move to Oregon because she wanted to experience all four seasons and to live a more sustainable life. Funny enough, one of her inspirations for moving to Oregon specifically was the Logsdon Farmhouse Ales label art of Mt. Hood! No matter the weather, Gabi takes every opportunity she can to get outside. One of her favorite places to be in Oregon is Hood River because of the beautiful landscape and the amount of wonderful hikes near by. “Being able to have a beer on the waterfront after my hike is a major plus,” Gabi says, “but my favorite place to be is in Brazil with my family.”

After moving to Oregon, Gabi found Crosby Hops simply by researching and looking for a company that matched her values. “Community and sustainability were the two main draws. I love renewable energy, sustainability, and craft beer. I also have a sustainability degree and wasn’t planning on getting back into beer, but after researching Crosby that was it.” Gabi was hired on as a customer success coordinator, then moved over to sales as an inside sales account manager for the Southeastern part of the country before moving back to customer success in her current role as supervisor. She loves working with her team, being able to help customers and is very proud to uphold the core values and culture here at Crosby Hops.

We asked Gabi a few questions to let the world get to know her a little more:

What is your favorite hop and why?

Gabi: Crosby Estate Grown Comet - not only does it make incredible beer and wows us in sensory, but it also turns a gold shimmery color mid-season. If you are interested in terroir, check out Crosby’s Estate Grown options.

What is the most unique hop you have ever smelled?

Gabi: Sorachi Ace - Can't get passed the dill pickle. Zappa™ is also a standout. So many different sensory notes!

If you had to pick one beer that represents you, what would it be and why?

Gabi: pFriem Pils all day! Crispy girl for life. Wayfinder Hell is a close second.

What is your favorite beer (can be a style or a specific beer)?

Gabi: My house has a constant rotation of pFriem Pils, Wayfinder Hell, and Baerlic Dad Beer. With a little Sierra Nevada sprinkled in. I also try to support our customers as much as possible by buying their beer when it is available.

What was the last concert you went to?

Gabi: It has been a while because of COVID. During harvest 2018 the sales team went to a Foo Fighters concert in Portland and it was incredible.

What is your favorite taproom/tasting room in Oregon?

Gabi: TopWire Hop Project. It is the best.

Who is your corporate crush? And why?

Gabi: Patagonia - exemplary focus on doing good for the world.

What is your desert island beer?

Gabi: pFriem Pils!