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Ryan Monk

Meet Ryan Monk – Crosby Hops’ Inventory and Systems Manager.

Ryan oversees all warehouse inventory and implements the system strategies that guide us to success. He supports all departments by creating strategic tools that allows Crosby to provide quality hops around the globe. Communication is vital in Ryan’s role. He describes it as, “keeping all the plates spinning in the air. There are a lot of departments that need different things from me so maintaining a constant line of communication helps with that.” Ryan also played a huge role in Crosby’s new Brewer Portal that allows customers to manage their hop portfolio including placing and tracking orders, contract management, real-time spot hop availability, viewing and paying invoices, and account details.

Ryan has always had an affinity for hops. He began growing rhizomes for fun in his backyard in Boulder, Colorado where he grew up. Serendipitously, the rhizomes he was getting from the brew shop were from Crosby Hop Farm, which is how he became familiar with the company. Ryan then moved to Oregon to be a part of the craft beer culture and hop industry. This is how he began his journey working for Crosby Hops. After living in Oregon for several years, Ryan and his wife decided to move to Michigan, which is where they currently reside. Ryan is an avid skier or as he would put it, “crazy skier, like jumping off cliffs and stuff. I’ve been skiing since I was 2 years old. My parents would tie a rope around my waist and just hold me back from going too fast.”

While living in Oregon and already knowing and loving what Crosby Hops stood for, Ryan reached out to Blake to see if he could contribute to the cause. Ryan says, “Blake didn’t have anything for me at the time until they were direct marketing their rhizomes. They brought me in to start packing roots in what is now the workshop at Alpha [building].” From then on, Ryan was a part of many facets of Crosby Hops’ growth. After a few months packing rhizomes and as the season was winding down, Ryan transitioned into a customer success role. He was the go-to for solving any problems that would arise and was involved in many different aspects of the business. When there was a need for an inventory and systems role, it was a simple decision. As Ryan puts it, “Crosby had a need for somebody to keep track of everything, so it was a natural fit. I love puzzles and solving problems, so I stepped into the position.” He credits his enjoyment of problem-solving and the collaboration with his teammates as reasons why he likes working at Crosby Hops. Ryan describes working for Crosby as “nimble, challenging and rewarding.”

We asked Ryan a few questions to let the world get to know him a little more:

What is your favorite hop and why?

Ryan: Idaho 7® - Flavor bomb, to me it is the purest form of a tropical fruit aroma standard. Nugget - When I was in Oregon and it was getting close to harvest, I would go out into the farm and rub Nugget just before it is ready to be picked. It has a fresh/candied lime aroma that is amazing.

What is the weirdest hop you have ever smelled?

Ryan: Zappa® - Smells like purple - like purple candies. Triumph - to me it gives off a candied cherry like aroma that I didn’t know was a thing.

If you had to pick one beer that represents you, what would it be and why?

Ryan: Official from Bell's Brewing - nothing fancy on the outside but bright and refreshing once you get to know me.

What is your favorite beer (can be a style or a specific beer)?

Ryan: IPAs for sure...but balanced and not a harsh bitterness. I go for more aroma and flavor moderate, less bitterness.

What was the last concert you went to?

Ryan: Khruangbin

What is your favorite taproom/tasting room in Oregon?

Ryan: TopWire most definitely in Oregon. Local spot for me is Greyline Brewing here in Michigan.

Who is your corporate crush? And why?

Ryan: Patagonia - Wonderful job putting values ahead of short term gains/goals.

What is your desert island beer?

Ryan: pFriem Pils - it's just so good!

What is your spirit animal?

Ryan: Does it have to be an animal? If not, mine would be a Willow tree. They’re just magical and the more I learn about them the more I appreciate how incredible they are.