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Sofia Martinez

Meet Sofia Martinez - Crosby's Quality Assurance Lead and Sustainability Specialist. Sofia’s job is to continually monitor the quality of all Crosby hops from receiving to finished product. She accomplishes this through our on-farm lab where she tests all of our hops using the ASBC Methods to determine %Alpha and Beta Acids, HSI, and Total Essential Oil. She also prepares all hop samples for evaluation by our sensory panel. As a member of our Sustainability Team, Sofia helps with best practice execution and auditing to ensure that we are meeting all of our zero waste and green workplace goals.

Sofia started working at Crosby during Harvest of 2016. She began working on the farm assisting with harvest and quickly found herself learning the ins and outs of hop drying in the kiln. She enjoyed her time working at Crosby and found an opportunity to further her hop processing knowledge by training and working in the mill assisting in the production of T90 hop pellets. Always looking for new things to learn and more ways to contribute to the team, Sofia then made her way to the Sustainability department ensuring Crosby stayed true to its pledge to Zero Waste and a clean, green workplace. When the lab was looking for additional help to keep up with production demands, Sofia’s track record of high performance, astute attention to detail, and interest in education made her the perfect candidate for her current role as Quality Assurance Lead.

Sofia enjoys working at Crosby because she is always learning new things and has the opportunity for growth both professionally and personally. Crosby is currently sponsoring Sofia’s English classes for continued growth in her field and to fuel her desire for constant education. She is a valuable asset at Crosby Hops and we enjoy working with her every day!

We asked Sofia a a few questions to let the world get to know her a little more:

Where are you from?

Sofia: Oaxaca, Mexico.

What is something most people don't know about you?

Sofia: I volunteer at a school in the Salem/Keizer area.

What was the most interesting job you’ve ever had?

Sofia: The lab here at Crosby. Very big achievement and obstacle.

Where is your favorite place to be?

Sofia: Walking in the park.

What is your favorite hop variety and why?

Sofia: Chinook because I love the aroma!

What is your favorite beer?

Sofia: Victoria Mexican Lager (the one in the clear bottle) because it is very smooth.

What are 3 ways you would describe working at Crosby Hops?


  1. Recognizes talent
  2. Involved in the community
  3. Team comradery

What does working at Crosby mean to you?

Sofia: I recognize and appreciate that Crosby values their employees and gives me the opportunity to learn more and train to take English courses. Thank you Crosby for giving me the opportunity to grow!

We'll continue to share employee spotlight features throughout the year giving you a deeper look into the value-added inputs that go into producing world class hops for craft brewers. Cheers!