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Hop Harvest 2018: Time Lapse Video

With the beginning of fall comes fresh hop beer releases and the perfect time to reflect on this year's hop harvest. Less than a week ago, we finished harvesting our 420 acres of hops in the Willamette Valley and documented the process using time-lapse photography and drone video of the 2018 growing season

Starting in April and wrapping up in September 2018, a photo of a Crosby®-grown Centennial was snapped every 15 minutes, for 13 hours each day. The overhead and ground level perspectives capture the beautiful and rapid growth of Centennial, the first variety harvested at the farm, with the backdrop of Mt. Hood in the distance. The drone footage offers a bird's eye perspective of the harvest activities, hop processing facilities and when interlaced with multiple shoots, a moving time-lapse effect.

Enjoy the two minutes and fifteen seconds of pure hop zen.