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Crosby Hop Farm is a leading hop grower, merchant, and processor. Our offerings include sustainable Willamette Valley Crosby® grown options as well as quality grower-sourced hops from around the world.
As a Salmon-Safe certified grower and Certified B Corp™ supplier, our commitment to our customers and stakeholders is unwavering — rooted in our core values of quality, innovation, sustainability, and community.


Also known as raw hops or leaf hops, whole hops are whole, dried hop cones that are compressed into 200 lb farm bales, and later repackaged for craft brewers and home-brewers. We offer a wide range of quantities with an ever-expanding list of hop offerings for our diverse set of hop consumers.

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T-90 hop pellets are the final product of whole leaf hops that have been processed through a series of size reduction and densification steps. First, the whole bale is carefully decompressed using a bale-breaker. The loose leaf hops are then sent to a hammer mill, which grinds the whole leaf hops into a powder that retains all of the natural vegetative and lupulin ingredients.

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Hop Hash

HopHash is a product derived from Crosby®’s high quality pellet production process. This concentrated hop product offers a double dose of brewing value. The hop pelleting process includes decompressing baled hops, converting them into a homogenous hop powder, and processing this powder into a quality finished pellet. The limited amount of remaining lupulin glands, resins and oils generated as a byproduct during production are packaged separately to create Crosby HopHash.

We developed this potent product for brewers looking for an additional hop pop and innovative recipe options for their brews. Like all Crosby hop products, we have instituted a rigorous QA program for HopHash to ensure the highest level of quality and satisfaction from farm to brew.


Harvest is a special time of year for many reasons. When harvest begins, it means that fresh hop beers brewed with Crosby® grown hops will soon be available. Fresh hops, also known as wet hops are not kiln dried, but delivered to the brewhouse within hours of being picked. Pre-orders for fresh hops can be made up to six months in advance of harvest.


Hop rhizomes are rootstock cuttings taken from mature Crosby Hop Farm hop commercial plants that can be used to propagate new hop plants. Whether you have a small garden or a several acre farm, your best hop crop all starts with high-quality rhizomes.

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Whether you are making a hop wreath, complementing a floral arrangement, or just love the smell of hops in your home, a farm fresh hop bine will brighten your day.


Please CALL THE OFFICE AT (503) 982-5166 to accurately calculate and choose your expedited freight option. We want to make sure your bines are as fresh as possible when they land on your doorstep.

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