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The Team

Executive Team

Blake Crosby


Is a drummer for a surf-rock band called The Choppers
Was raised on the farm in Woodburn, Oregon
Is President for the Hop Growers of America

Kevin Crosby

Farm President

Fourth generation hop farmer
Sterling is in his backyard
Tot's best friend

Jennifer Crosby

Secretary - Treasurer

Loves riding horses
Good at gardening
Corgi's make her happy

Andrea Jones

VP of Business Operations

Took tap dancing in college
Visited 19 Countries
Loves running and basketball

Tater Tot Crosby

Farm Dog

Loves belly rubs
Hates loud noises and dogs bigger than him
Lives with his parents on the farm

Sales + Marketing Team

Peter Busque

Director of Sales

Grew up on his family’s 4th generation sheep farm in Windham, Maine
Thinks everyone should be dry hopping with at least 10 lbs. per bbl
Enjoys skiing, golfing, biking, paddling, and hot tubbing.

Adam Kryder


Speaks roughly 7 different languages
Likes hawks, falcons, and wild fish
Lived in the Brazilian Amazon

Beau Evers


Is a gentleman, scholar, and athlete
Can “gleek” on command
Lives by “You can’t scream with the Eagles when you’re out hooting with the owls”-Uncle B

Brian Crosby


Needs Russian River Blind Pig and hot dogs on a desert island
Lived in a basement for four years
Visited 23 Countries

Elizabeth Anderson


Used to be an art teacher
Good at finding stray dogs
Volunteered for a Sloth Sanctuary

Kate Belanger

Account Manager - California & Hawaii

Has at least 12 hot sauces in her fridge at any given time
Good at cooking and Mario Kart
Lived in Hawaii, Egypt, and India

Nolan Russell

Account Manager - Northeast

Taught English in Germany and Ireland
Favorite non-alcoholic beverage: cold brew coffee or maple soda/water
Loves following FC Bayern München & Arsenal in soccer

Zak Schroerlucke


Once jumped out of a plane wearing a flying fish suit (He has photo/video proof)
Needs Thai food…all of the Thai food and SweetWater IPA on a desert island
Good at drums, and bad at sitting still

Afton Winner


Lived in Bad Mergentheim, Baden-Württemberg, Germany
Good at Snowboarding
Bad at not backseat driving

Anthony Munoz

Inside Sales Coordinator

Can lick his elbow
Needs Cactus Cooler on a desert island
Thinks working at CHF is blessing on blessings on blessings

Eva Winter


Needs fresh coconuts on a desert island
Good at swimming
Visited 17 countries

Gabi McCarter


Is the first generation American in her family
Loves most animals... Except snakes, yuck
Needs beer and pizza on a desert island, duh

Teresa Ibanez

Inside Sales Coordinator

Is 1 of 50 cousins
Lived in a sorority for 3 years (Delta Delta Delta)
Bad at golf (doesn't have patience)

Accounting + Finance

TJ Paulsen

Financial Controller

Loves the outdoors!
Likes dogs and cats, but dogs make better buddies
Visited 15 countries, not counting airports

Ryan Ramsey


Owns a vegetable farm
Good at collecting hobbies
Bad at sticking with hobbies

Amber Stahlberg


Needs pizza or burritos on a desert island
Enjoys cooking, fishing, and camping
Bad at being spontaneous.. she always needs a plan

Amy Gwynn


Enjoys baking fresh bread at home
Good at seeing things through to the end
Believes “Life is like a box of chocolates”

Jackie Hunter


Married to a farmer and has 5 kids
Coached T-ball and Softball
Being with her family and camping makes her happy

HR + Admin

Barry Chapman

Human Resources Manager

Is a fifth generation Oregonian
Needs a freezer on a desert island for his Tillamook Utterly Chocolate Ice Cream
Spent one week a month in Toulouse, France for 18 months

Isabel Lopez


Loves spending time with her daughters
Has hiked Yosemite El Captain in 10 hours
Good at making lasagna

Jenna Steward

Agritourism Program Developer

Once lived in a brewery
Taught her yellow lab named Garth how to "Party On!"
Hates all carbonated beverages, except beer :)

Production + Warehouse Team

Ryan Monk


All the animals person – dog, cat, chickens and BEES
Once shot down Chris Brown when he asked if we “do anything special for famous people” at the farm
Bad at Dad jokes

Rick Wolf


Loves Mountain Dew
Bad at playing board games
Good friends makes him happy

Jaime Garcia


Is a big Trailblazer and Dallas Cowboys fan
Needs bacon and dr. pepper on a desert island
Is a volunteer firefighter

Jose Sanchez


Started on the farm in 2011 before CHF was born
Is a hard worker
Enjoys gardening with his wife

George Gulstrom

Shipping & Receiving Lead

Taught himself to play multiple instruments including, guitar, ukulele, mandolin, bass guitar, and clarinet
Bad at knitting..
Likes most animals and would love to have a Sugar-glider one day

Brian Donahue

Logistics Specialist

Needs a bacon bleu cheese burger and a cold beer on a desert island
Is color blind
Is a Giants, Raiders, and a Manchester United fan

Bryson Peters

Inventory Technician

Favorite non-alcoholic beverage is Lime LaCroix
Enjoys homebrewing, growing hops, fishing, and hunting with his dogs
Lives by “Adventure is out there”-Up

Fermin Santos

Equipment/Maintenance/Grounds Specialist

Has a gift for engineering
Grew up in the Willamette Valley
Is a DJ named DJ Fercho

Jorge Pina

Warehouse Employee

Likes to play volleyball and indoor soccer
From Mexico City
Hanging out with his family makes him happy

Filemon Arroyo

Warehouse Employee

Worked at Forest River to help make RVs
Likes fishing, hunting, and playing with his dogs Fudge and Scooby
Enjoys working on his trucks

Alfonso Avina

Warehouse Employee

Likes to read
Lived in Michoacan
Favorite non-alcoholic beverage is Iced Tea

Quality + Sustainability Team

Bradley Barnette

Quality Supervisor

Needs spicy ahi poke on a desert island
Equal parts dog and cat person
Loves mountain biking and backcountry skiing

Sophia Martinez

Quality & Sustainability Support Technician

Is a mother of four
Her husband and sister also work at CHF
Enjoys walking and reading

Jazmin Mata

Sustainability Specialist

Lived in Fillmore, CA
Needs beans and orange juice on a desert island
Bad at eating healthy